Serbian National Theatre and Centre for Development of Visual Culture, Novi Sad

Erlend Loe

Director: Aleksandar Popovski
Dramaturge: Nikolina Đukanović
Stage designer and Costume designer: Magdalena Vlajić
Choreographer: Ista Stepanov
Proofreader: Dejan Sredojević, PhD
Assistent to Director: Marko Čelebić


Strahinja Bojović

Radoje Čupić

Jovana Stipić

Isidora Vlček

Nikola Pudar

Nenad Pećinar

Manager / Parent
Aleksandar Gajin

Milorad Kapor

Head teacher
Jovana Balašević

Igor Pavlović

Stage manager: Vladimir Savin
Prompting: Srđan Stojnović
Leight editor: Mirko Čeman
Sound editor: Vladimir Ognjenović
Assistent to Costume designer: Snežana Horvat
Assistent to Stage designer: Nada Danilovac

Premiere: 25 October 2018, “Pera Dobrinović” stage
Stage, costumes and set decoration manufactured in Serbian National Theatre workshops

Doppler saying “no” to responsibilities, family and the system, as well as everything that is suffocating him, and goes to a forest to live with a moose is the difference between life and fiction.
Within fiction, I admire things which are very far from what I usually am. When I write, I can be a little bit Doppler, but also someone else, however in real life I am very buzzy and do not engage in funny business. Therefore, it is a pleasure for me to write about someone who cares about everything. It is a good outlet.
Erlend Loe, Writer

A lie is a wonderful instrument which many do not use often. Unbelievable and efficient. You say one thing, and think something else entirely. Fantastic.
Andreas Doppler,
Passionate bicyclist, a man living in the best years, who is leaving his home, family, society and going away…